Medicare agent and Client
How Do Medicare Agents Make Money?

How Do Medicare Agents Make Money? Trust is essential in any relationship. Many people wonder how do Medicare agents make money? Learning how a Medicare agent makes their money is a great way to build trust between you and your agent. If you’re looking to find a new Medicare plan this year during the Annual Enrollment Period…

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Pills in a drug case
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans For Seniors

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans For Seniors. Millions of seniors rely on Medicare Part D to help cover the cost of prescription drugs. Each year, there are changes to the plans available, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. Here is a summary of the changes for 2022, so that…

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Part D Plans
The Complete Guide About Prescription Drug Plans

So many people having different health care needs, it’s important to make sure your prescription drug plan offers the coverage you are looking for. Understanding the Basics Medicare beneficiaries who need insurance for prescription drugs can receive that coverage through Medicare Part D. These prescription drug plans (PDPs) are stand-alone policies that help to cover…

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