What Does Medically Necessary Mean?

Whether Medicare considers something medically necessary or not can define your coverage and what you’ll be paying out-of-pocket. Here’s what you need to know! When you visit the doctor or receive medical services, it’s often covered by your Medicare plan, at least partially. This is because much of the medical care you receive is considered […]

What to Do If Your Medicare Card is Lost or Stolen

Knowing what to do if your Medicare card is lost or stolen is important. Luckily, getting a replacement Medicare card is easy. Here’s how to get a new Medicare card! You’re going through your wallet at the grocery store, ready to check out, and something is wrong. Your Medicare card, which you always keep in […]

How and When Can I Change Medicare Plans?

If you don’t love your Medicare plan or need to change it for whatever reason, when are you allowed to make that change and how do you switch plans? How and When Can I Change Medicare Plans? People love their Medicare plan. It offers them the coverage they need for a price they can afford. […]

Does Medicare Cover Arthritis Treatments?

Without health care coverage, treatment for arthritis can be expensive. Does Medicare cover arthritis treatments, and if so, how? Arthritis is a common condition that is the result of swelling or inflammation in the joints. There are many different types of the condition — most commonly osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis — with their own causes and management […]

How is Medicare Funded?

We talk a lot about what Medicare costs to use, but not how the benefits are financed. Here’s how Medicare is funded, and how we each help ensure enrollees receive affordable health care. There are 61 million people in the United States that are enrolled in Medicare and rely on its coverage to afford vital health care. […]